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I do not send large items outside of Australia.
Estimated delivery times for available destinations

We've updated our delivery time estimates for all available destinations and services based on our latest performance data, as well as information from airlines and international postal partners.

These estimates are subject to change and should be used as a guide only. The delivery times are estimated from the time of posting in Australia to delivery in metro locations in the destination country. They don't include time spent in customs, which is out of our control.

If your item is travelling by air and hasn’t arrived within 10 business days of the estimated delivery time below, contact us so we can investigate. For sea mail, please allow 30 business days on top of these estimates.

Due to increased travel time between facilities for items lodged from SA, TAS or NT please allow additional time for delivery as per below:

Express – add 3 business days to all estimated delivery times.

Standard and Economy - add 7 business days to all estimated delivery times.

Heavy items may exceed the estimated $30 freight on checkout if they are heading to long distance locations such as S.A, W.A,TAS or N.T.

ReelTackle Staff